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Miu Miu/ Aldo

I love a good fashion find that doesn’t break the bank (who doesn’t?!), and when the item in question is reminiscent of a big deal designer piece? Even better. The second I spotted these gilttery sneakers, shark tooth necklace and studded slingbacks I was reminded of similar versions from Miu Miu, Givenchy and Valentino. At just a fraction of the designer price tag, these were styles that I could actually afford. Pretty well every time I wear the pumps one of my super chic friends (you know who you are!) has to do a double take, thinking I miraculously acquired a pair of Valentino kicks. Until that becomes a reality, I’m happy rocking these excellent specimens of fashion mimicry.


Givenchy/ H&M


Valentino/ Ivanka Trump

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I’m Selling Some Sh!t

Like every other girl on the planet, I routinely complain about having ‘nothing to wear’ despite having a very healthy closet bursting with options. I realized a couple of weeks ago that the problem wasn’t that I actually have nothing, but that there’s a lot of filler around the good stuff… Which brought upon a good ‘ol fashioned purge. There were multiple pairs of shoes that I’ve owned for years and literally never worn, my amazing grad dress (I tried to convince myself when I bought it that because it was short I would wear it again… but no), a purse I used once, and a pair of jeans that I just can’t figure out how to wear. You know what they say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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