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The Shoot


Stylist: Michela Byl    Photographer: Matthew Burditt    Hair & Makeup: Naureen Manzoor    Model: Jess Hotvedt

As promised a number of weeks ago, here are the snaps from my styling final.

Look 1: Another era, another life. This look focuses on the spirit of a woman searching for something- or someone- lost. Haunting yet beautiful is the overarching visual theme, and proves that shades of grey can be just as interesting as the brightest of colours.

_DSC0320 - Copy

_DSC0259 - Copy

_DSC0294 - Copy

_DSC0261 - Copy

Look 2: Bright colours, graphic prints. Warhol and Superwoman. Taking pieces from comic strips and classic pop art alike, this look is all about energy and that extra bam. When pulled together, these inspirations create a shoot that is as blinding as it is fun. A truly upbeat visual feast.

_DSC0713 - Copy

_DSC0736 - Copy

_DSC0678 - Copy

_DSC0719 - Copy

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IMG_20130920_145924 IMG_20130825_194913 IMG_20130716_204201 IMG_20130915_174021A peek at life through everyone’s favourite photo-sharing app, Instagram.

From top-bottom:

Heritage Hall for the Project True Fundraiser

Knitty nights

The Lumineers at Deer Lake

Mini-golf on a sunny Sunday

Grand Hotel exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Newest Chapters purchases

Totem poles during a fam visit

Library line-up

IMG_20130902_150154 IMG_20130623_120002

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During my last semester of business at UVic, our Operations Behaviour professor assigned a project that had us delve into and examine our current state. In essence, a beefed-up self assessment that would cover our strengths, weaknesses, BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal), steps and strategies to reach said goal, and rewards for completing various milestones. As you do, I completed the project, got a decent grade and didn’t think too much more about the subject until I came across it a couple of weeks ago.

My BHAG has definitely evolved (I no longer want to own my own boutique), but the steps that I had outlined in order to reach a career in the fashion industry was what really caught my eye.

1. Become fluent in French
2. Gain retail experience
3. Complete a fashion-specific diploma or equivalent 

It would be so badass if I could confidently say ‘Check! Check! Check!’

But! While I’m not quite there, I’m definitely well on my way. In the past year I’ve started a fashion diploma program (at Blanche Macdonald), am currently gaining retail experience (my one love, J.Crew), and finally purchased Rosetta Stone for French (I’ve put off actually starting it, but with two jobs and full time school can you really blame me?). It was a strangely satisfying feeling to know that I was actually completing the sub-goals I had set out in order to have a career in the fashion industry.

Everyone’s heard about the Harvard study where the 3% of grads who had clear, written goals and plans to accomplish them went on to earn ten times as much as the other 97% of grads combined. Staggering, but time and time again goal setting proves to be beneficial. When I worked on that project two years ago and set out those goals I didn’t have any immediate plans to begin working on them; I was more pre-occupied with earning some money and then travelling. It was during my adventure abroad where I realized that I really did want to pursue a fashion career, and went about researching, applying, and even interviewing with some top fashion schools.

Maybe I was subconsciously influenced by my written goals, maybe I wasn’t. But from now on I am a firm believer in setting them.

When was the last time you wrote out goals?

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Busy Bee, Sunny Sunshine

Over the last couple of weeks my life has gone into overdrive. Between finishing up my first semester of school and working weekends, I managed to assist with styling an 8-page shoot for The Province with Alicia, started interning twice a week at the amazing Roden Gray in Gastown, and took the first real step towards learning French by finally purchasing  Rosetta Stone (thanks, Group On!). My apartment has never been cleaner and I even got around to hanging the mirror and cork board that have been sitting in my room for three months. It’s been awesome.

However, as busy as I’ve felt lately I know that it’s only going to get more hectic. I applied to J.Crew yesterday for a part time position and my next semester starts April 8th. If all goes to plan, I may soon find myself with five classes, two internships, and two jobs, not to mention all the other stuff that takes up my time like blogging, gyming, and apartment curating. AND summer is coming! (Much less ominous than what those darn Starks say.) The clear skies as of late have definitely buoyed my spirits, but they also make it difficult to stay focused and indoors (blasted studying). It’ll be a pedal to the metal for sure, but I’m looking forward to every second. Anything is possible when the sun is shining!

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