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The Game Changer

DSC_0223 - Copy

H&M midi dress; Aritzia jacket; Gap cardigan; Club Monaco belt; Dolce Vita  booties; Zara scarf; J.Crew bag; Miro watch; gifted toque, gloves

As my dear friends know only too well, I’m not really a dress/skirt person. I’m totally that girl who shows up to weddings or engagement parties wearing a blouse, heels and dress pants rather than put on a skirt like every one else. In fact, I can count the number of times I’ve donned one in the last year on one hand (not including mandatory work dress code, of course).Quite a sad stat, but that’s likely to change since I picked up this bad boy. Super soft jersey, just-right midi length, and a grey that doesn’t totally look like sweatshirt material. If this is the other side of pants, consider me officially on board.

DSC_0228 - Copy

DSC_0256 - Copy

DSC_0238 - Copy

DSC_0246 - Copy

DSC_0260 - Copy

DSC_0266 - Copy

DSC_0274 - Copy

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The Crew

DSC_0198 - Copy

J.Crew sweater, trenchcoat, Minnie pants, necklace, Brompton Hobo, socks, oxfords

A little ode to J.Crew, my one love of retail.

DSC_0185 - Copy

DSC_0180 - Copy

DSC_0184 - Copy

DSC_0202 - Copy

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The Collaboration

DSC_0166 - Copy

Isabel Marant X H&M tank, silk trousers; Lanvin X H&M pumps; Jacob blazer; Forever 21 necklace; Banana Republic clutch; gifted watch, bracelet

Outside of sports and a good games night (Cranium is my jam), I’m not a person who does well with competitive environments. Very little stresses me out more than vying for the best seats at a sold-out movie or shopping with elbows out in order to deal with mass crowds. For this reason I decided to forego getting up at sunrise to wait on opening day for the Isabel Marant X H&M collab I was so desperate to get my hands on. Lucky for me, Vancouver shoppers aren’t quite as ravenous for Parisian design as I thought and it wasn’t a complete free-for-all trying to locate my size among the racks. Despite rolling in at 3 that afternoon I managed to try on everything I wanted and left with two amazing pieces from the collection. Stress free shopping and sick Marant duds? I was one happy girl.

DSC_0147 - Copy

DSC_0145 - Copy

DSC_0156 - Copy

DSC_0153 - Copy

isabel-28 isabel-20

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The New Season

DSC_0919 - Copy

J.Crew cashmere, pixie pants; Zara leather jacket; Nixon watch; gifted toque & scarf

Fall has officially arrived in Vancouver and I could not be more excited. Layers, crisp mornings, and pumpkin-flavored everything are just a few things that make this season my favourite. Busting out a toque, scarf and leather jacket seemed like the perfect way to usher in the change, and I can’t wait for more as the leaves continue to fall.

What’s your favourite season?

DSC_0913 - Copy

DSC_0925 - Copy

DSC_0922 - Copy

DSC_0900 - Copy

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The Cameo

DSC_0945 - Copy

Thanksgiving weekend seemed like the perfect time to introduce someone I’m thankful for in my life. The hottie featured is my dear roomie/bestie/fitness motivator Laura of Dedicated Not Addicted. When not rocking lulus during her training for fitness competitions (her third one is coming up in November!), Laur always kills it with some serious street style. I’m especially envious of her newsboy hat and love how it perfectly tempers the exaggerated shoulders of the jacket. Black on black with a touch of rocker has become somewhat of her signature, and when you look this good doing it there’s clearly no need to stray.

Happy thanksgiving all! What are you thankful for this weekend?

DSC_0953 - Copy

DSC_0941 - Copy

DSC_0929 - Copy

DSC_0948 - Copy

PS Don’t forget to check out Laur’s blog Dedicated Not Addicted for fitness tips, recipes, weekly challenges and more!

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The Vintage Topper

DSC_0883 - Copy

Vintage cape; J.Crew sweater, pixie pant, necklace; Winners button up; Aldo boots; Miro watch

Like politics and religion, fur is one of those things that people feel very strongly about. Without making this too much of a debate, I’ll say straight out that I don’t see anything wrong with fur as long as (as with everything else) it’s done responsibly. It’s for this reason that I’ve casually been scouting vintage shops (rather than furrier stores) for the past couple of years for the perfect fur vest to accent my fall wardrobe. I finally found the perfect topper last week at Community Thrift & Vintage down in Gastown and couldn’t be happier. I love that it’s kind of a mix between a cape and stole; easy to throw on, but comes down on my shoulders to give more of a jacket vibe. And pockets! Always love pockets. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so posh.

DSC_0872 - Copy

DSC_0882 - Copy

DSC_0874 - Copy

DSC_0878 - Copy

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The Cut

DSC_0814 - Copy

J.Crew skirt; H&M shirt; Gap jean jacket; Club Monaco belt; Miro watch; Christopher Kon bag; Franco Sarto sandals

Last week I finally made the move and cut off 10+ inches from my glorious mane (please excuse the humble brag). To answer your questions: yes, I was nervous; yes, I did donate it to Locks of Love; and yes, I absolutely love it. Although I was a little terrified I was going to wake up the following morning and think “What have I done?!”, from the second I got out of the chair I was completely happy with my new do. Getting ready and wearing it down is so much easier now that I’m not drowning in hair. On another note, today I wore this awesome skirt to school, and from someone who has exclusively worn pants or shorts since I started, it was kind of a big deal. Short hair? Skirt to school? Look out world, I’m blowing my comfort zone out of the water!

DSC_0818 - Copy

DSC_0831 - Copy

DSC_0819 - Copy

DSC_0848 - Copy

DSC_0840 - Copy(Candid story-telling shot!)

PS. Healthy Hair by Matthew May is who I trusted for the big chop… Check him out!

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The Contradiction

DSC_0700 - Copy

Custom button-up; Levi’s denim cut-offs; Zara loafers; Club Monaco belt; H&M necklace, Michael Kors  watch; J.Crew bag

White button-up, loafers… and cut-offs? What seemingly starts out as a perfect office outfit description takes a turn for the casual with my favourite pair of summer bottoms. Heavily influenced by the photo I posted on here on Monday, I decided to mix up the monochromatic look while maintaining the balance between polish and comfort. My idea of perfect summer dressing!

DSC_0715 - Copy


DSC_0720 - Copy

DSC_0705 - Copy

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Summer Inspiration


I came across this image back in May and couldn’t help but stop and stare. Cool, comfortable, and completely my style, this woman has definitely been my go-to outfit inspiration for the past couple of months. I’ve pretty much been wearing variations since shorts weather finally arrived in Vancouver and love the way it comes across as casual, yet still put together. Stay tuned for my ‘mix and match’ version later this week!

Photo via the brilliant blog The Sartorialist

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The Newspaper

DSC_0639 - Copy

Zara pants; Aritzia tee; H&M sandals, necklace; J.Crew bag; Derek Cardigan glasses; Michael Kors watch; Grace: A Memoir 

Get it? Black, white and read all over! Ha. Now that we’ve all recovered from my brilliant humor, I’d just like to tell you that you need to go buy this book by Grace Coddington immediately, if not sooner. I’m only a 1/4 into it so far, but absolutely loving every page. That book and these harem-style pants from Zara might be my two favourite things of the moment. I love how the casual silhouette and dressier fabric make them appropriate for almost anything. Slouchy tee and sandals for day, perhaps a blazer and heels for night? Stay tuned for how that version turns out!

DSC_0625 - Copy

DSC_0626 - Copy

DSC_0646 - Copy

DSC_0635 - Copy

DSC_0663 - Copy

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