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Love It & List It

 My name’s Michela and I’m a listaholic. (Que chorus of “Hi, Michela.“) The fact that I just made up the word listaholic  doesn’t take away from the fact that I am utterly addicted to the process of making lists, checking things off lists, and collecting useful (and not-so useful) lists from around the interwebs.

And so dear readers, have I got a treat for you. Here are 10 glorious lists I’ve been collecting for the past while that are just begging to be shared. It’s a LIST OF LISTS!!

  1. An amazing guide for styling my new short ‘do: 4 DIY Hairstyles For Cropped Cuts
  2. I’m turning 25 in August of this year (what the whaaat?!) so I’m loving this list from Thought Catalog: 25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25
  3. Igniting my wanderlust for the year: 52 Places To Go In 2014
  4. I’ve seen a few of these already (and loved ’em) so I’m stoked to check out the rest of these: 25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen
  5. Helpful tips for my goal of fluency en Français: 22 Tips For Learning A Foreign Language
  6. Buzzfeed made an amazing list about my favourite human of the year here: 51 Times In 2013 Jennifer Lawrence Proved She Was Master Of The Universe
  7. … and one that looks extremely promising for my goal of 52 books in 52 weeks: 16 Books To Read Before They Hit Theaters This Year
  8. One for the guys: 24 Rules For Being A Gentleman in 2014
  9. I’m hoping this will be the year I finally get some permanent body art. Loving these tiny tatts: 74 Of The Tiniest, Most Tasteful Tattoos Ever
  10. Having just finished my Fashion Merchandising diploma from Blanche, I’m super eager to get started in the industry. I imagine I’ll be looking back to this list quite often: 40 Things To Remember When Fashion Gets Too Much
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I am not a very spontaneous person. I thrive on lists and love nothing more than finishing the day with a nice long checklist of which I’ve completed every ‘to-do’ item (if I do something extra I may or may not add it to the list just so I can cross it off… and by may or may not I mean I do it every time). But, despite my hyper-organizational tendencies, there is something to say for throwing caution (and plans) to the wind and just going with something. Back in July I took an impromptu day trip to Victoria and it was one of the funnest days I had all summer. A couple of hours ago I upped the ante and bought a concert ticket (to The LUMINEERS!!!) after seeing that a friend posted on Facebook that he was going. It’s not like I have nothing to do today- two final projects are still looming before I start the new semester next Monday- but sometimes you need to say “screw it” (or something more vulgar rhyming with ‘truck it’) and just go for broke. I know that next week, next month, next year, I’m going to remember the concert, and not the potential all-nighter I’ll have to pull to finish these assignments.

When was the last time you were spontaneous?

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