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The Shoot


Stylist: Michela Byl    Photographer: Matthew Burditt    Hair & Makeup: Naureen Manzoor    Model: Jess Hotvedt

As promised a number of weeks ago, here are the snaps from my styling final.

Look 1: Another era, another life. This look focuses on the spirit of a woman searching for something- or someone- lost. Haunting yet beautiful is the overarching visual theme, and proves that shades of grey can be just as interesting as the brightest of colours.

_DSC0320 - Copy

_DSC0259 - Copy

_DSC0294 - Copy

_DSC0261 - Copy

Look 2: Bright colours, graphic prints. Warhol and Superwoman. Taking pieces from comic strips and classic pop art alike, this look is all about energy and that extra bam. When pulled together, these inspirations create a shoot that is as blinding as it is fun. A truly upbeat visual feast.

_DSC0713 - Copy

_DSC0736 - Copy

_DSC0678 - Copy

_DSC0719 - Copy

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Full Steam Ahead

As most of you know, almost two months ago I began pursuing a fashion merchandising diploma at Blanch Macdonald Center in downtown Vancouver. In addition to the amazing selection of classes, flexible schedule, and awesome people, one of the biggest perks so far is getting the opportunity to be in contact with some serious industry professionals. One of the reasons I went back to school in the first place was to network my newly-Vancouver-based ass off.

Given that, you can imagine my delight when I found out that Karen Langley, the sought after stylist and former creative director of Dazed and Confused was going to speak to our class today. She’s a seriously cool person; that perfect combination of talented, driven, and totally real. I left class completely motivated and excited, both for the next year of school and the learning that would come once I entered the industry myself.

Before she left, I got the chance to ask her if there was anything that she knows now, 10+ years later, that she wishes she knew when she started off. She replied that it all came back to trusting your gut and having faith in yourself. An important message for not only myself or someone in the industry, but anyone during those moments of self-doubt. A couple other tidbits I managed to jot down: ‘pick your battles’ and ‘…it will get done, because it has to get done’. Great pieces of advice to remember when trying to make it in the big, bad world of fashion (or life, for that matter).

Thanks Karen, it was a pleasure.

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