The Calm Before the Storm


J.Crew sweater, button up, pixie pants; H&M necklace, clutch; Zara trench; Call it Spring booties; Nixon watch

After an unseasonably dry (albeit foggy) October, November started out exactly as expected with copious amounts of rain. A little taste of the winter weather to come. I managed to sneak in one more photoshoot with those beautiful fall leaves- I just can’t get over the colours around this time of year.

Happy hump day!

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T Minus 14 Days


November is here which means we’re only a glorious two weeks away from one of the most anticipated collaborations ever (in my humble opinion, of course). Drum roll please… it’s time for Isabel Marant for H&M! By now I’m sure most of you have peeped the goods and are counting down the days until it hits stores on the 14th. The collection is a little pricey (the beautiful embellished jacket at the top left is a cool $320), but at only a fraction of the designer’s normal price range, all the pieces feel like a steal. In addition to the jacket, I have my eye on the white embroidered top (in top right picture) and a pair of printed silk trousers, though I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I didn’t see any of her signature Dicker boots. What pieces have you been drooling over?

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Home Scents

French Cade Lavender
There’s something so comforting about lighting a candle and curling up with a good book when it’s blustery outside, and since randomly purchasing a couple of Voluspa candles at Chapters this past winter I’ve become completely obsessed. My favourite scents are French Cade Lavender (a blend of French cade,verbena and Bulgarian lavender), and Eden & Pear (lemon vervaine, galbanum and ripe hosui pear), both which fill the room with fragrance without triggering an overload headache. Reading or not, these are always burning at my place. And why not? We all have a ‘signature’ perfume, maybe it’s time to give our homes the same treatment.

Happy Wednesday!

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The Perfect Sweater

DSC_0985 - Copy

J.Crew sweater, necklace, jeans; Minnetonka moccasins; H&M hat; Miro  watch

Oversized? Check. Elbow patches? Check. Warm wool in a beautiful colour? Check check. Pretty much every aspect of this sweater falls into the perfect category for me. It’s everything I want and need in an autumn layering piece and believe me when I say it’s been in heavy rotation since I acquired it a few weeks ago. What feels more like the season than cozying up in a great sweater and broken in jeans?

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The New Season

DSC_0919 - Copy

J.Crew cashmere, pixie pants; Zara leather jacket; Nixon watch; gifted toque & scarf

Fall has officially arrived in Vancouver and I could not be more excited. Layers, crisp mornings, and pumpkin-flavored everything are just a few things that make this season my favourite. Busting out a toque, scarf and leather jacket seemed like the perfect way to usher in the change, and I can’t wait for more as the leaves continue to fall.

What’s your favourite season?

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The Cameo

DSC_0945 - Copy

Thanksgiving weekend seemed like the perfect time to introduce someone I’m thankful for in my life. The hottie featured is my dear roomie/bestie/fitness motivator Laura of Dedicated Not Addicted. When not rocking lulus during her training for fitness competitions (her third one is coming up in November!), Laur always kills it with some serious street style. I’m especially envious of her newsboy hat and love how it perfectly tempers the exaggerated shoulders of the jacket. Black on black with a touch of rocker has become somewhat of her signature, and when you look this good doing it there’s clearly no need to stray.

Happy thanksgiving all! What are you thankful for this weekend?

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DSC_0948 - Copy

PS Don’t forget to check out Laur’s blog Dedicated Not Addicted for fitness tips, recipes, weekly challenges and more!

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The Vintage Topper

DSC_0883 - Copy

Vintage cape; J.Crew sweater, pixie pant, necklace; Winners button up; Aldo boots; Miro watch

Like politics and religion, fur is one of those things that people feel very strongly about. Without making this too much of a debate, I’ll say straight out that I don’t see anything wrong with fur as long as (as with everything else) it’s done responsibly. It’s for this reason that I’ve casually been scouting vintage shops (rather than furrier stores) for the past couple of years for the perfect fur vest to accent my fall wardrobe. I finally found the perfect topper last week at Community Thrift & Vintage down in Gastown and couldn’t be happier. I love that it’s kind of a mix between a cape and stole; easy to throw on, but comes down on my shoulders to give more of a jacket vibe. And pockets! Always love pockets. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so posh.

DSC_0872 - Copy

DSC_0882 - Copy

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Miu Miu/ Aldo

I love a good fashion find that doesn’t break the bank (who doesn’t?!), and when the item in question is reminiscent of a big deal designer piece? Even better. The second I spotted these gilttery sneakers, shark tooth necklace and studded slingbacks I was reminded of similar versions from Miu Miu, Givenchy and Valentino. At just a fraction of the designer price tag, these were styles that I could actually afford. Pretty well every time I wear the pumps one of my super chic friends (you know who you are!) has to do a double take, thinking I miraculously acquired a pair of Valentino kicks. Until that becomes a reality, I’m happy rocking these excellent specimens of fashion mimicry.


Givenchy/ H&M


Valentino/ Ivanka Trump

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IMG_20130920_145924 IMG_20130825_194913 IMG_20130716_204201 IMG_20130915_174021A peek at life through everyone’s favourite photo-sharing app, Instagram.

From top-bottom:

Heritage Hall for the Project True Fundraiser

Knitty nights

The Lumineers at Deer Lake

Mini-golf on a sunny Sunday

Grand Hotel exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Newest Chapters purchases

Totem poles during a fam visit

Library line-up

IMG_20130902_150154 IMG_20130623_120002

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I am not a very spontaneous person. I thrive on lists and love nothing more than finishing the day with a nice long checklist of which I’ve completed every ‘to-do’ item (if I do something extra I may or may not add it to the list just so I can cross it off… and by may or may not I mean I do it every time). But, despite my hyper-organizational tendencies, there is something to say for throwing caution (and plans) to the wind and just going with something. Back in July I took an impromptu day trip to Victoria and it was one of the funnest days I had all summer. A couple of hours ago I upped the ante and bought a concert ticket (to The LUMINEERS!!!) after seeing that a friend posted on Facebook that he was going. It’s not like I have nothing to do today- two final projects are still looming before I start the new semester next Monday- but sometimes you need to say “screw it” (or something more vulgar rhyming with ‘truck it’) and just go for broke. I know that next week, next month, next year, I’m going to remember the concert, and not the potential all-nighter I’ll have to pull to finish these assignments.

When was the last time you were spontaneous?

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