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The Shoot


Stylist: Michela Byl    Photographer: Matthew Burditt    Hair & Makeup: Naureen Manzoor    Model: Jess Hotvedt

As promised a number of weeks ago, here are the snaps from my styling final.

Look 1: Another era, another life. This look focuses on the spirit of a woman searching for something- or someone- lost. Haunting yet beautiful is the overarching visual theme, and proves that shades of grey can be just as interesting as the brightest of colours.

_DSC0320 - Copy

_DSC0259 - Copy

_DSC0294 - Copy

_DSC0261 - Copy

Look 2: Bright colours, graphic prints. Warhol and Superwoman. Taking pieces from comic strips and classic pop art alike, this look is all about energy and that extra bam. When pulled together, these inspirations create a shoot that is as blinding as it is fun. A truly upbeat visual feast.

_DSC0713 - Copy

_DSC0736 - Copy

_DSC0678 - Copy

_DSC0719 - Copy

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Prints Abound

Always a sucker for horse-related clothing, I couldn’t help but post this pic taken by the ever brilliant Sartorialist Scott Schuman.

Happy Monday Everyone!


Double Take

A different, but equally delightful angle of yesterdays outfit post. I love that you can really see the accessories in this photo.

Via the always amazing Jak & Jil Blog.




Growin’ Up

I spent last weekend relaxing with my family out in Radium, BC where we spent the better part of 24 hours consuming amazing food, wine, great stories and celebrating both Easter and my grandparents’ 55th wedding anniversary. I was quickly mesmerized by the family album my mom complied for the occasion; 100 photos filled with memories of our families growing up. The following 2 photos didn’t make the album cut, but they were too hilarious not to share. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do!


Though my brother seems unfazed by my pouring water on his head, apparently someone scolded me for doing so and I was definitely not happy about it.


Happy Tuesday everyone!

First Pics

I’ve been getting familiar with my new Nikon for the past couple of hours (yay for informational dvds!) and decided it was time to cut my teeth and take some pictures. I obviously still have lots to learn, but I kind of like some of these shots.

I got the delightful floral wallet and necklace from Aldo a couple of weeks ago and thought they’d be perfect for spring. I’m loving the vintage feel of the necklace and it’s the perfect touch of sparkle in an otherwise neutral work outfit. The gorgeous Kate Spade clutch and Michael Kors watch are the result of my mother’s outlet shopping in Las Vegas last weekend (I was assured that they were massively discounted, but am terribly spoiled regardless). Isn’t the leather amazing? I love how the orange strap and purple lining really pop!

What do you think of my first attempt?


It’s last week of my co-op here in Calgary and with not too much left to do at work, my supervisor is allowing me to take half-days for the remainder of the week! Lucky or what?

My day got even better when I was able to convince my loving dad to split the cost of an SLR with me as an early birthday present (my bday’s in August). I decided on a Nikon D3000 kit, which came with two lenses (though I wouldn’t be able to tell you what they do at this point) and an instructional dvd that I’ll be putting to use straight away.

I’m very excited to start snapping away and will most definitely be posting some shots on here soon!

Big thanks to everyone who gave me some camera buying advice earlier last week!

Future Photo Strategy

Siet Ske from The Netherlands

I’m getting ever closer to deciding on a camera to invest in and can’t wait to start taking some quality shots and sharing them on here. I’d really like to be able to show some of my favourite outfits and style ideas, but owning a camera won’t mean that I’ll be necessarily be able to have beautiful photos like this and this. The problem remains of getting pictures of myself, by myself (aka the dreaded self-portrait). I was really nervous until I saw these pictures on Lookbook today. I’m thinking I’ll try to employ a combination of the mirror picture, detail shots and outfit components laid out on the floor. Stay tuned!

Tim from NYC


Snap Happy Advice

In the last year I’ve owned three compact digital cameras. I’m not a careless person, but 2010 was a terrible year for me and electronics (a few cell phones met their demise along with the cameras). I’ve decided that it’s far enough into 2011 that I can safely purchase a new one, but I want to take a completely different route. Small, cheapish cameras are great for taking quick pics when going out with friends or having brews at Oktoberfest, but I’ve been craving one with a little more heft that I can take some great shots with. I’d really like to start posting my own photos in addition to showcasing those of others.

Here’s where you come in, dear reader: I don’t know what I should be looking for. I’m thinking a Nikon, but I have no idea what kind of specs/lenses/gadgets I should spring for and which ones are far too advanced for my photography skills and objective.

What do you use? Do you have any suggestions for a good starter camera?