The Cut

DSC_0814 - Copy

J.Crew skirt; H&M shirt; Gap jean jacket; Club Monaco belt; Miro watch; Christopher Kon bag; Franco Sarto sandals

Last week I finally made the move and cut off 10+ inches from my glorious mane (please excuse the humble brag). To answer your questions: yes, I was nervous; yes, I did donate it to Locks of Love; and yes, I absolutely love it. Although I was a little terrified I was going to wake up the following morning and think “What have I done?!”, from the second I got out of the chair I was completely happy with my new do. Getting ready and wearing it down is so much easier now that I’m not drowning in hair. On another note, today I wore this awesome skirt to school, and from someone who has exclusively worn pants or shorts since I started, it was kind of a big deal. Short hair? Skirt to school? Look out world, I’m blowing my comfort zone out of the water!

DSC_0818 - Copy

DSC_0831 - Copy

DSC_0819 - Copy

DSC_0848 - Copy

DSC_0840 - Copy(Candid story-telling shot!)

PS. Healthy Hair by Matthew May is who I trusted for the big chop… Check him out!

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3 thoughts on “The Cut

  1. wllw says:

    You look fabulous! Your hair looks awesome and the outfit’s really cute too ;) x

  2. writingbolt says:

    You took the words out of my mouth. Glorious mane…and, being you have…had…such fabulous hair, it’s hard to see you part with it. [I know; who the heck am I talking like this?:P] Sure, the new cut looks nice. ‘Looks very nice with the white sleeveless top. But, your previous “do” was wonderful and natural.

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