Summer Inspiration


I came across this image back in May and couldn’t help but stop and stare. Cool, comfortable, and completely my style, this woman has definitely been my go-to outfit inspiration for the past couple of months. I’ve pretty much been wearing variations since shorts weather finally arrived in Vancouver and love the way it comes across as casual, yet still put together. Stay tuned for my ‘mix and match’ version later this week!

Photo via the brilliant blog The Sartorialist

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3 thoughts on “Summer Inspiration

  1. nataliejo210 says:

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  2. […] the casual with my favourite pair of summer bottoms. Heavily influenced by the photo I posted on here on Monday, I decided to mix up the monochromatic look while maintaining the balance between polish […]

  3. writingbolt says:

    The white combo on the left looks better than the blue on the right. The latter looks TOO casual. She’s not flattering herself with the shirt like that. That’s guy sloppy:P hehe That’s how I look when I am feeling low or out of sorts. If I see a woman like that…well, people talk if ya know what I mean. She just needs to tuck it in a bit more. Give herself some shape. I like the white combo though the shirt could be a lil more colorful or textured. The shoes in both pictures are not appealing.

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