Aaaand I’m back! After a month of juggling school, work and interning, as well as recovering from an annoying cold and then the most painful and intense ear infection of my life, I’m alive, feeling well, and ready to jump back into life with gusto!

Well, with slightly mollified and responsible gusto. I’ve decided to christian they upcoming 31 days as “Dry July” and embark on somewhat of a ‘life cleanse’ so to speak. Along with no booze, I’ve decided to nix gluten and distracting websites (thanks to an app called StayFocused). I’ve stocked my fridge with fresh goodies, am allowing myself only one meal out a week, and am actually going to put my YMCA membership to use. To round things out I’m also going to start a summer reading list.

I just finished World War Z by Max Brooks and in addition to absolutely loving every zombie-filled moment (this blog title is a nod to the book), I remembered just how much I love reading a great novel. Number of books I read while travelling for five months: 25. Number of books I’ve read since then (not including textbooks ): 2. A sad statistic, but one that I know I can change. I have a couple in mind (mostly ones that I started at some point, but inexplicably put down- see above picture), but need some help with recommendations too! What are your favorite summer reads? And more importantly, what should I devour next?! (Zombie pun very much intended.)

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One thought on “Reanimating

  1. Warm Bodies. It’s not a serious zombie read and not necissarily the greatest, but I absolutely adored the first half of it. It has some cute ideas, and some fans decided to dub the genre a rom-zom-com (romantic zombie comedy). WWZ is on my night stand and I’m definitely reading that soon, as well as Midnight’s Children (right after I finish Tender is the Night for school :P)

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