I’m Selling Some Sh!t

Like every other girl on the planet, I routinely complain about having ‘nothing to wear’ despite having a very healthy closet bursting with options. I realized a couple of weeks ago that the problem wasn’t that I actually have nothing, but that there’s a lot of filler around the good stuff… Which brought upon a good ‘ol fashioned purge. There were multiple pairs of shoes that I’ve owned for years and literally never worn, my amazing grad dress (I tried to convince myself when I bought it that because it was short I would wear it again… but no), a purse I used once, and a pair of jeans that I just can’t figure out how to wear. You know what they say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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3 thoughts on “I’m Selling Some Sh!t

  1. heartEdu says:

    I am feeling you on this! I just cleaned out my closet and got three full garbage bags of things to donate to charity. It’s crazy! Why do I have these clothes, and wear the same few outfits?

    • michelabyl says:

      My thoughts exactly! When I moved to Van in September I donated a ridiculous amount as well. Sometimes you just need to face the fact that you’re probably not going to wear certain things!

  2. Thus why I get rid of so much every four to six months. I get more closet space, people in need get more clothing.

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