Weekend Getaway: Sasquatch

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Well friends, it’s nearly time. In less than 24 hours I will embark on a glorious road trip to The Gorge, Washington to witness the genius musical stylings of Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Azealia Banks, Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis, The Postal Service, and The XX (among others!), at Sasquatch Music Festival. It’s a trip I’ve been looking forward to for months, both for the epic performances and the chance to rock some serious music fest style. I may have gotten a wee-bit envious of all those Coachella-goers back in April…

For my weekend I really wanted to strike the perfect balance of stylish and practical (there’s no use in looking great if you’re freezing and miserable!), so I decided to pack a lot of basics (tanks, jeans, long sleeved button-downs) that I could layer while still staying true to my personal style. The one thing I didn’t necessarily like from the Coachella ladies was that it seemed like they were all trying to dress like a flowerchild-hipster-rocker-hippie, and while cute, it ended up feeling a bit tired. It is for that reason that you will never find a flower crown upon my head, but rather a menswear-ish panama hat. No maxi dresses; just jorts (that’s jean-shorts, for the uninitiated). Going along with practicality, I’ll be rocking sensible (read: flat) shoes, sunglasses/other modes of sun-protection, and bags that will allow me to swing and savor everything around me without interruption. I put together some potential outfits, but who knows? I may just end up rocking the exact same outfit all weekend. So sue me.

Happy Sasquatch!


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