Weekend Getaway Part II


Clockwise from top: Jill Sander eyeglasses; floss; Lush solid shampoo; bronzer; blush; foundation; moisturizer; toner; face wash; deodorant; cotton pads; spare contacts; hairbrush; Estee Lauder make-up bag; eyelash curler; Maybelline mascara; eyeliner; toothbrush; concealer; toothpaste (All face/makeup products excluding mascara from Clinique)

For travelling tips day two I decided to delve into the sometimes-tricky area of toiletries. As often as possible try to pack light enough that you don’t need to check a bag; I take mine on board as much as I can and it saves me so much time on either end of the flight. To do this you need to make sure to bring travel-sizes (50ml) of all your toiletries (I got mine as samples from the Clinique counter) or bring solid versions (like my shampoo bar from Lush). I usually don’t bring hair tools, but if you can’t part with them look for travel versions of hair-dryers and straighteners (I’ve seen some good ones at Sephora). Lastly, be sure to put all your liquids in a Ziploc bag and you’ll be cruising through security like a pro.

I kept my make-up extra simple for this trip and brought along foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, and mascara. A good option to throw in for some extra drama is a tube of your favourite red lipstick, a little pop of colour goes a long way for dressing up an otherwise casual look! As I mentioned last time, K.I.S.S!




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