Busy Bee, Sunny Sunshine

Over the last couple of weeks my life has gone into overdrive. Between finishing up my first semester of school and working weekends, I managed to assist with styling an 8-page shoot for The Province with Alicia, started interning twice a week at the amazing Roden Gray in Gastown, and took the first real step towards learning French by finally purchasing  Rosetta Stone (thanks, Group On!). My apartment has never been cleaner and I even got around to hanging the mirror and cork board that have been sitting in my room for three months. It’s been awesome.

However, as busy as I’ve felt lately I know that it’s only going to get more hectic. I applied to J.Crew yesterday for a part time position and my next semester starts April 8th. If all goes to plan, I may soon find myself with five classes, two internships, and two jobs, not to mention all the other stuff that takes up my time like blogging, gyming, and apartment curating. AND summer is coming! (Much less ominous than what those darn Starks say.) The clear skies as of late have definitely buoyed my spirits, but they also make it difficult to stay focused and indoors (blasted studying). It’ll be a pedal to the metal for sure, but I’m looking forward to every second. Anything is possible when the sun is shining!

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