Comeback Kid?


It’s the seemingly never-ending debate in the tech world: which smartphone is the smartest? In recent years it’s been pretty clear that Apple, Android, and now Microsoft have surged ahead of the once-great RIM. As a BlackBerry owner for the past two years, I’ve seen my BBM contacts dwindle from a high of over 40 to a meager six; during one week in September alone four of my friends made the switch. I myself have been lamenting my phone choice for the past couple months (what is life without Instagram?) and the only thing still preventing me from jumping ship is paying money for a new model when mine technically works fine.

But today? Today I’m excited to own a phone by the company formerly known as RIM. In a very-anticipated presentation, BlackBerry (as they are now called) unveiled their newest phone and the BB10 operating system. The reviews so far have been positive and I’m very interested to see how this plays out for my favourite Canadian tech company. Comeback may be too strong of a word at this point, but I’m hopeful that this long-awaited launch will restore at least a little of BlackBerry’s former glory. It’s about time people stop laughing when I bring out my phone.

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