Well, it’s been 147 days since my last post (approx. 8 million years in the blogging world). I was going to blame the usual suspects, (work and life) for making me “too busy” and “too tired” to blog regularly, but when you get down to it, I was just being lazy. I took the easy way out and slowly started replacing contributions to muse & base with Pinterest, long hours at work, and copious amounts of sleep (though not necessarily in that order). To my readers (all 2 of you!), I apologize.

But wait! There’s some good news too: in just under 3 weeks time I will be leaving on an extensive trip to South East Asia for 5 months of new experiences, exotic eats, beachy relaxation, and travel blogging. Yes, blogging! I’ll be making a point of providing weekly updates to share the amazing sights and provide my parents with peace of mind that I haven’t been kidnapped.

Talk to you on the other side (of the world, that is) very soon!

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