Obsessed: Cambridge Satchel Company

Fluorescent Yellow

Every time summer rolls around my heart is set a-flutter with thoughts of breezy dresses, cute bikinis and amazing summer accessories. This year was no different, but I was lucky enough to own most of what I was dying to wear (maxi dress, floppy hat, straw fedora, gladiator sandals, etc) and have found reasonably priced alternatives for most of my hit list (neutral oxfords, clubmaster-style sunglasses, etc). However, despite this good fortune there is one item I’m dying to buy that isn’t very budget-friendly.

I came across The Cambridge Satchel Company through the blog Fashion Squad and was immediately transfixed by the custom monogram, classic structure and bright colours. At approx. $123, these bags don’t come cheap, but they’re so darn pretty (and functional!) that I may have to splurge on one. As some of you may know, my obsession with mustard yellow runs deep, but I’m also seriously considering the kelly green one. Thoughts?

Via Fashion Squad

Also via Fashion Squad


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