Current Obsession: Ikat

A vintage piece from Morocco via 5 inch and up

It seems that ikat print is everywhere lately, and it’s no wonder why. Bright colours, bold patterns and an almost carpet-like appearance add up to gorgeous visual interest and a fantastic alternative to the traditional (and often overdone) floral motif for spring. I first took notice of the ikat print when Julian Louie teamed up with Aldo for a capsule collection this spring. Since then I’ve seen the print on Matt&Nat bags, on scarves, shoes and dresses at Urban Outfitters and featured on Sandra Hagelstams blog 5 inch and up.

Saying that I’m dying for a piece is an understatement. I really need to figure out a budget for the upcoming semester, with all the items that have made it onto my must-buy list I’ll be broke before summer solstice!

Matt&Nat Hendrix bag

Matt&Nat Santogold bag

Julian Louie for Aldo

Side note- My dear friend Eden managed to snag a pair of these wedges, and she’s very lucky we don’t have the same size feet because it would be practically impossible for me not to “borrow” them all summer if we did.


2 thoughts on “Current Obsession: Ikat

  1. Eden Dearing says:

    Heehee! In fairness, I’ve made it abundantly clear that if we had the same size feet I would have raided your shoe collection many, many times! I’ve been after the Matt and Nat bags as well, but as you mentioned they’re a rather large threat to my budget (or lack thereof).

  2. michelabyl says:

    This is true. I guess we’ll just have to settle for raiding each others closets :)

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