It’s last week of my co-op here in Calgary and with not too much left to do at work, my supervisor is allowing me to take half-days for the remainder of the week! Lucky or what?

My day got even better when I was able to convince my loving dad to split the cost of an SLR with me as an early birthday present (my bday’s in August). I decided on a Nikon D3000 kit, which came with two lenses (though I wouldn’t be able to tell you what they do at this point) and an instructional dvd that I’ll be putting to use straight away.

I’m very excited to start snapping away and will most definitely be posting some shots on here soon!

Big thanks to everyone who gave me some camera buying advice earlier last week!


2 thoughts on “Snappy

  1. segmation says:

    I hope you put up some of your shots from your new Nikon D3000 kit. Sounds like fun and I am sure there will be nice pictures from you of Calgary! If you get a chance you might like to check out my blog and photograghing your art! Thanks and enjoy.

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