Crave or Save?

Remember when I posted about these beauties back in mid-March? They’re a perfect summer shoe and the only thing that kept me from purchasing them instantly was their $168 price tag. I’d like to point out that that’s not completely unreasonable for shoes, but as I’m a student on a budget, they are most definitely out of my reach. You can imagine my delight then, when I stumbled upon this pair at Aldo last Friday.

The look a little darker in this picture than in real life and they don’t have cut outs, but other than that they are pretty darn similar to the ones from J.Crew. The best part? They were only 55 bucks! Now I’ll be able to sport cute, light-toned oxfords AND still have some cash to go out for dinner and show them off. Have I mentioned that I can’t wait for summer yet?


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