Snap Happy Advice

In the last year I’ve owned three compact digital cameras. I’m not a careless person, but 2010 was a terrible year for me and electronics (a few cell phones met their demise along with the cameras). I’ve decided that it’s far enough into 2011 that I can safely purchase a new one, but I want to take a completely different route. Small, cheapish cameras are great for taking quick pics when going out with friends or having brews at Oktoberfest, but I’ve been craving one with a little more heft that I can take some great shots with. I’d really like to start posting my own photos in addition to showcasing those of others.

Here’s where you come in, dear reader: I don’t know what I should be looking for. I’m thinking a Nikon, but I have no idea what kind of specs/lenses/gadgets I should spring for and which ones are far too advanced for my photography skills and objective.

What do you use? Do you have any suggestions for a good starter camera?



3 thoughts on “Snap Happy Advice

  1. Sara White says:

    I’d recommend the Canon Digital Rebel – it has excellent photo quality, the price is extremely reasonable, and it’s still small and light enough to slip into a purse without adding too much weight or bulk. Skip the two “kit” lenses though (the 18-55mm and 55-200mm zooms) – they’re cheaply made and absolutely awful in any kind of low light condition – and go with a 50mm lens instead. They’re great in low light (so you won’t need a flash), they shoot sharper images, and the aperture allows you to get photos with that gorgeously blurred background that the kit lenses just can’t capture.

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