Sunday Morning Eye Candy

If you know me or have been reading my blog you are aware of my love for the colour mustard yellow. I love how this jumpsuit is a slightly muted version of the hue; full on colour might be too overwhelming for a piece that covers so much.

Another thing that drew me to this picture is the space surrounding her. Loving the white on white and the clothing rack. I can never decide what I like better for home décor; minimalism or something a little more busy and intricate. This photo makes a great case for the former and I will definitely be keeping it on hand for future inspiration.

Photo courtesy of, look courtesy of Victoria from Umea


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Eye Candy

  1. Taylor says:

    I’m also a huge fan of mustard yellow. I don’t know if I would be bold enough to wear that onesie, but they are starting to grow on me. Just bought my first floral romper :) From Urban Planet of all places! Figured if I was unsure of the trend, I should buy something cheap!

  2. michelabyl says:

    This one is a little aggressive for me too, but a short romper is on my must-buy list for this summer!
    I’m still kicking myself for not buying an amazing one in Copenhagen last semester- I figured a sweater was a better idea for winter weather so I left the romper on the rack. Still searching for a perfect one in its place!

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