Inspiration and Imitation

The only thing I love more than the great fashion on street style blogs is seeing an outfit that I adore and realizing that I already have the pieces to recreate it. I fell in love with this bright skirt-sweater combo today and can’t wait to wear my version.

I bought a bright red skirt in the same style a few weeks ago and have a plethora of lighter knit sweaters that I could pair it with. Coloured tights aren’t really my thing, so I’ll probably forego those and instead recreate the contrasting colours by wearing a top that isn’t neutral. I’m picturing fushia-red and mustard-red combos.

This picture is yet another glorious example of the brilliant style on (this gal is from Milan). I am beyond obsessed. I’d love to start sharing my outfits too, but it would appear from the photographs on the site that everyone has a best friend with impeccable photography skills and a great camera to take their pictures. I’m currently lacking such a friend (or at least one that would want to take pics of me in my clothes), so for now I’ll have to settle for posting outfits that inspire me.


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