Take a Deep Breath and Don’t Freak Out…

…this is a blog post about feminine hygiene products. But before you press the back button (I’m talking to you, male readers), this post is about the ads, not the products themselves.

A funny thing about pad and tampon ads is that it’s nearly impossible to tell which brand the commercial is for until their name pops up at the end of the spot. Why? Because they all follow a formula. You either have girls doing gymnastics, cheerleading or yoga in tight, white spandex, girls frolicking on the beach, or girls dancing around and having a grand ‘ol time. The ad also usually includes the infamous “blue liquid demonstration.” Guilty of making commercials that followed this recipe to a T, a year ago Kotex decided to try a different route:

Using actual footage from their old commercials, they parody the ridiculous nature of tampon ads and challenge women to “Break the cycle.” As far as I know, Kotex is the first company to take this approach. Rather than continuing with the norm of laughable images and playing into the uncomfortable nature of the product, Kotex shook it up and looked the horse in the mouth. Believe it or not, it was my guy friend (of the gender that NEVER talks about “that time of the month” or anything associated with it) that told me about the ad! Not only has Kotex differentiated themselves by leaps and bounds, but they’re commercials are reaching all kinds of people because they’re actually funny. When you’re able to make an ad for tampons that guys aren’t embarrassed about (and will even go so far as to tell their female friends), you truly have a winner.

Well done, Kotex.



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