Times Are A Changin’

Quick! What time is it? Given that you’re reading this online, it’s likely that you just glanced at the clock on your computer screen- exactly what I do when I need to know the time and I’m on my laptop. But where would you have looked if someone on the street had asked you? I’m speculating that the majority of people (especially those around my age-that would be 21 years young) would have said their cell phone rather than that obscure, old-fashioned, outdated thing called a wrist watch. It’s 2011, after all.

In today’s digitized world the art of time telling seems to be a practice lost on the masses and its necessary counterpart, the watch, is being seen on fewer and fewer wrists as time goes on (yeah, I just dropped a pun- deal with it). I however, am a huge fan of the watch and have started to feel naked when I don’t strap one on in the morning. I normally don’t wear too much for jewelry (simple earrings and the occasional necklace) so in addition to keeping track of time, my watches add an extra point of interest. My ‘collection’ (I use the term loosely) currently stands at five: a gold cheapy from Copenhagen, a plastic and rhinestone one my dad found under his hotel bed in Vegas (my mum referred to it as hooker bling- and no, I haven’t actually worn it), my silver Nixon stand-by, my dad’s vintage gold Cardinal and an amazing white and gold Michael Kors (best Christmas present ever).

How do you keep track? Cell phone, watch or do you forget the whole thing and just rely on other people a la Carrie Bradshaw?

Carrie Bradshaw: Sorry. I don’t wear a watch.
Alexsander Petrovsky: How do you ever know your time?
Carrie Bradshaw: I find that someone will always tell me.



4 thoughts on “Times Are A Changin’

  1. Krister says:

    homemade sundial. 60% of the time it works, every time

  2. Andrew Hall says:

    Gotta love the nixon! Plain Jane, it gets compliment after compliment 4 years after I got it. Feels naked without it most of the time. Now where is it…

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