Colour Theory

I was perusing my closet the other day and realized that most of my wardrobe falls into two distinct colour categories. Warm neutrals and soft tones dominate most of my professional clothing (think khaki, blush, cream and brown), and punchy brights and jewel tones make up a lot of my casual wear and knits (think mustard yellow, red, fuchsia and aqua). While some people fall almost exclusively into one end of this spectrum, I don’t think I could ever be content with wearing just one; I want the best of both worlds!

To really illustrate my chameleon colour theory, I leave you with this:



















And just for kicks, here are the equine themed items from my closet:

(PS: Sorry for the poor quality pics- I had to use my blackberry’s camera cause I’m (once again) without a proper cam.)


One thought on “Colour Theory

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