Talk Nerdy to Me

There are a number of things in my life that are inherently nerdy, and not in that nerdy-to-be-ironic kind of way. These are things that I do and have an interest in because I love them; I’m definitely not into doing nerdy things because it seems like the cool “in” thing of the moment. While time to time these things will get an inevitably eye-roll, or a delightful mocking, I love them and love to embrace my true nerdy side.

Lord of the Rings

When the movies came out from 2001-2003, it seemed that everyone was a LOTR fan. Indeed, this is when my interest started. I consumed everything to do with the series: articles, interviews, imdb pages, dvd special features and the actual books (radical, I know). I just watched all three movies a couple of weeks ago, and know that I will again and again.

The moment I knew I was still a LOTR nerd past all the movie-hoopla? Walking with my Swedish lover while talking about Brad Dourif (the actor that plays Wormtongue), he explained him as “Wormtail, that guy who helps the king in Gondor from the Lord of the Rings.” Nerd alert: “Actually, it’s Wormtongue, Wormtail is the guy from Harry Potter who was friends with Harry’s dad and then betrays him. And he’s from Rohan, not Gondor. Rohan was always my favourite because it’s the horse kingdom.” I still get to relive that rant over the phone, listening to it in a slightly higher, ditzy and completely mocking voice.


It was summer of 2005; I was going through an “I don’t want to be on family vacation, I’m a TEENAGER” phase and was driving my parents crazy on our camping trip in the remote-ish town of Christina Lake, BC. A delightful book called Stitch and Bitch caught my eye, and before I knew it I was teaching myself to knit. I know now that that book probably saved my life, as I (almost) stopped being a moody 16-year old, and instead focused on the difference between knits and purls.

As none of my friends really went out in high school, I spent much of grade 11 nerding and knitting out. During one of my nerdiest times, I would often spend Friday nights watching the CMT country countdown and knitting. As others hurled after a late night of partying, I purled the night away in nerdy bliss.


I recently came across this article and was reminded of one of my original nerdy obsessions. Who didn’t love dinosaurs when they were little?! Crazy kids, that’s who. Dinos were the ultimate in cool; I bet there are almost no people my age that didn’t have a love affair with them at some point in their childhood. However, as with lots of other things, I took it to the next level and consumed books, tv specials, movies, dinosaur paper dolls, and anything else that had to do with these prehistoric giants.

This has carried over, and occasionally I reveal my true dinosaur-loving tendencies. I was mocked endlessly in first year university when I casually dropped the species name Struthiomimus in a conversation with my friends. Whoops.


My love of horses has evolved since it began some 18 years ago: I no longer make weekly trips to the stable to ride, my walls are free of horse posters and my bookshelves have more than just horsey reference books and The Saddle Club on them. It’s no surprise to anyone that I was obsessed with learning as much as I could about them and at one point read Horses for Dummies for fun.

Much to the chagrin of my boyfriends (past and present), this love has landed largely on a number of clothing articles, most infamously on a knit piece dubbed “the ugly horse sweater.” I think I have about six items emblazoned with either horse motifs or the animals themselves.

The infamous ugly horse sweater and my dear friend Evert.

This list is by no means the limit of my inner (and sometimes outer) nerd and to some, these things may not seem nerdy at all. But as the ultra-trustworthy Wikipedia definition states: “a nerd refers to a person who avidly pursues intellectual activities, technical or scientific endeavors, esoteric knowledge, or other obscure interests.” Obscure for some, amazing for others.

I know I’m not the only one! Do you have any nerdy tendencies?



2 thoughts on “Talk Nerdy to Me

  1. Eden Dearing says:

    I can’t believe I missed this post!! I’m nerdy because…

    1) I used to be an English major: spelling mistakes make my skin crawl and I’ve taken more lit courses than I really care to admit (“Canterbury Tales”, anyone? “Heart of Darkness”? “Paradise Lost”? I could go on…)

    2) I’m officially a social media dweeb. My boss frequently sneaks up on me with questions about the day’s SM happenings/Twitter trends and I respond without thinking (SNIPE). I also have more accounts than I can remember to check in a given day.

    3) One of my favourite magazines is Psychology Today.

    • michelabyl says:

      Thank god I’m not the only one!

      I’m with you on the spelling thing. On a related note, I hate it when people use terrible spelling and grammar in texts. Call me old fashioned (or nerdy)!

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