Hell Just Froze Over…

…because I don’t outright hate Lady Gaga anymore. People who know me well know that I strongly dislike her music and flat out refuse to dance every time “Just Dance” comes on at the club. Let’s not get too carried away now, I will never just dance to that song, but recently my opinion of Gaga has changed.

Her newest single “Born This Way” is catchy, fun and does indeed have a great message (stop the presses, I know). But what put me over the edge was Gaga’s recent call out of 10-year old Maria Aragon’s cover of the single, praising and launching her to international viral fame. During her recent concert in Toronto she even had the pint-sized Winnipegger join her on stage for a rendition of “Born This Way”. Only the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz wouldn’t have been touched. I’ve put aside my opinion of her music and really respect what she did in this situation. A very down to earth and relatable move, and that’s coming from someone who once wore a meat dress.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the video of Gaga and Lady Maria performing in Toronto:


2 thoughts on “Hell Just Froze Over…

  1. You have to love a good story. I myself do enjoy Gaga’s music (yes, I could have my man-card revoked for that) and actually like her because she understands the “theatre” of music, much like Alice Cooper and Freddie Mercury before her.
    What I also like is the fact she understands it is the fans that make her able to do these theatrics. So why not support one of your biggest who actually has talent?

    Great story of engagement from the world of celebrity social media. Take that Ashton Kutcher and Charlie Sheen.

  2. michelabyl says:

    Thanks for the comment Russel. She definitely knows how to employ that “theatre” you mentioned, but sometimes I think she pushes it too far. Was it really necessary to show up at the Grammy’s in an egg??
    It wasn’t stunts like that, but the connection with her little monsters that finally made me take a second look at her and what she does. I think she’s brilliant at marketing herself and pays more attention to her fans most other celebrities.
    Still not completely sold on all her music, but I have (somehow) turned into a fan of everything else she does.

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